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ALHYDRAN is known as a scar cream, but it is much more than that: Our cream is effective in relieving many skin conditions. The powerful moisture-regulating cream ensures optimal hydration, promotes healing of the skin and relieves skin complaints such as itching, dry skin and redness

The effectiveness has been scientifically proven. As a result of this, the product has been widely used by specialists for more than 15 years.

Do you have skin complaints? Use ALHYDRAN!

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  • Protection and softening of the skin

  • Less itching, pain en redness

  • The effectiveness is scientifically proven

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Customer reviews

My occupational therapist recommended ALHYDRAN for me son who has major scarring. Wonderful product as the redness is disappearing and the skin is soft and supple.


My niece received a major burn from spilt coffee. We use ALHYDRAN in conjunction with BAPSCARCARE silicone sheeting. She lives in China and we are very grateful to get this product for her


After a day out at the beach, I got badly sunburnt. Applied ALHYDRAN and got immediate relief. Next morning all the redness was gone. I now use ALHYDRAN SPF 30 when I am out in the sun.

How does ALHYDRAN work?

How does ALHYDRAN work?

A disrupted skin barrier will lose too much moisture. The skin dries out and complaints will occur or get worse. Therefore this vulnerable skin must be assisted in order to function and heal.

Good skin barrier recovery requires the following:

  • Optimal hydration of the epidermis
  • Repair of the skin barrier

The unique, proven effect of ALHYDRAN ensures powerful hydration as well as moisture retention (via occlusion). Both are necessary for repairing a disrupted skin barrier. This results in long-term reinstatement of the moisture balance in the skin.

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Medics & skin professionals

explain why they use ALHYDRAN
Debby Lorkeers
Skin therapist Care4you Haaksbergen (NL)

I recommend ALHYDRAN to everyone! Patients who use ALHYDRAN to prevent radiotherapy damage experience hardly any problems. Patients with hypostatic eczema and burns /scars were very impressed with ALHYDRAN. Skin became suppler, more even, and pain and itching were largely relieved. In short, a super product.

Dr. R.A. Christiano
Plastic surgeon Plastisch Cosmetisch Centrum Spaarne (NL)

We advise our clients to treat the scar daily with ALHYDRAN, after removing the stitches. Massage with ALHYDRAN ensures that the skin stays supple.

Andy Han
Tattoo laser specialist Tattoo No More (NL)

I remove tattoos at my laser practice and use ALHYDRAN cream as an aftercare treatment. I have tried many different aftercare products, but ALHYDRAN is the best. That is why I am sticking to this product!

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